Run with Marwa

In February 2019, Embrace in collaboration with Humans Without Borders NGO, launched a  crowdfunding campaign to collect funds to contribute to making the Embrace Lifeline available 24/7 in 2020. Marwa Awad, executive board member at Embrace and also cofounder of Humans Without Borders, took on the challenge of running the Beirut Saradar Women’s Race in March 2019 with the cause of Embrace in mind, and to help raise a portion ($24,700) of the funds needed to make Embrace’s emotional support and suicide prevention helpline which at the time operated 14 hours, a 24/7 reality. Through her campaign Marwa and in collaboration with the Embrace team advocated for the Embrace cause across different channels, engaging friends and family, corporations such as Khoury Home, Tinol Paints, and United Petroleum, and many local and political figures who were introduced to the mission of Embrace and proudly supported the campaign.

Marwa made it to the finish line on March 31st 2019 in 1 hour and 26 seconds! To know more about her journey check the below video!

Watch Marwa’s Journey

The Campaign was successful in raising $21,305. Every single dollar counted and the Embrace team thanks every person who donated the smallest amount to make this happen!

Contributors to the Zoomal Crowdfunding Campaign and winners of the “WE EMBRACE YOU” Prize (amounts of $20 or more) (in alphabetical order)

Abdo Hilany
Ali Ajouz
Carol Abi Habib
Christopher Rizk
Claude Karam Aoun
Claudine Aoun
Dalal and Leila Hoballah
Dany Baz
Della Mecattaf
Elias Akiki
Fadi Jurdi
Fouad El Khazen
Ghida El Badri
Hala Haouili
Hala Zoghby
Hana Zoghby
Jana El Baba
Karen Antoun
Lamia Dabaghi
Lily Efthymiou
Louisa Slimani
Manal Sabri
Margot Sleiman
Marwa Khouzami
Mayssa El Rassy
Mia Atoui
Mohamad Ali Zameli
Nadia Hassan
Nathalie Ackawi
Nisrine Makarem
Patricia Trad
Pierre Awad
Ramzi Alamuddin
Ramzi K. Sleiman
Raya Awad
Rita Aoun
Rosemary Massoud Fayad
Saria Al Sayegh
Serge Massaad
Tala Chehaitly
Yumna Gaspard
Zahraa El Husseini
Zeina Jurdi