Embrace is dedicated to building the capacity of young graduate students and hosts year round internship programs to enrich youth in their learning experiences through specialized internship programs. Each year Embrace hosts 4 to 5 interns working either on a part-time or full-time basis. The internship positions offer vacancies in research, social media management, project coordination and other positions as needed. Embrace is proud to host interns who enrich the working environment at Embrace and move on to pursue their career and entrepreneurial goals.

Testimonials from our Interns

Why am I working for Embrace, you may ask? Well, the answer is two-fold. To me, nothing is more important than saving a life – and this is what we do here at Embrace. The phone rings, and we are transferred to a realm where nothing else matters but the wellbeing of the caller. Also, I love Research – answering the unanswered, diving into an untouched question. Embrace provides me with both, the satisfaction of helping my brothers and sisters, and the opportunity to work on research in an understudied domain in an understudied country.”


Serene Yordi, Research Coordinator and Volunteer at Embrace Lifeline

My work at Embrace has shown me that a simple conversation, listening to others sharing their story and experience as well as providing emotional support to people struggling with difficult times can be life changing. I felt that I was doing something valuable, and that throughout my time at Embrace I was helping raise awareness on mental health, illness and suicide. Embrace has indeed provided me with a positive environment to grow and supported me through my personal goals. Being both an operator and a project coordinator intern at Embrace keeps on pushing me towards my ambition more and more.”


Alya Gaspard, Project Coordinator and Volunteer at Embrace Lifeline