Dearest Community,


No one should suffer in silence.

If you know someone suffering from mental health issues or have lost someone you love to suicide, know that you are not alone. What you can do is help spread awareness on mental health and suicide prevention and just listen. Someone you love may be trying to tell you something.

The Embrace LifeLine was launched because we want individuals in times of crisis to have someone to talk to, before it’s too late. We, at Embrace, believe mental health is treatable and suicide is preventable… as long as the right support and care are provided. A little love, an act of kindness and a support system never hurt anyone.

This section of the website is for you. We have included articles on how to cope if you know someone suffering or if you have lost someone you love (Found under ‘Lost Someone You Love’). Also, messages of support have come in from all over the world, with people sharing their stories and words of advice. These are all personal notes that can be found in the section called ‘Messages of Support’.

We hope that you find solace in knowing that there is a whole community of people that feel with you.


With love,

The Embrace Team