FEKKO EL 3E2DE Campaign (2013)

Upon its launching on October 10th, 2013 Embrace Fund launched the first large-scale nationwide media-driven campaign in Lebanon entitled “Fekko el 3e2de” to address society’s attitude and stigma towards mental illness and to engage patients, families, healthcare providers, lawmakers and governmental agencies in a constructive dialogue around mental health care. The animated campaign starts off with showcasing the different stereotyped and stigmatizing perceptions that the community still holds about individuals suffering from mental illness. The animation then highlights that 1 in 4 Lebanese suffers from a mental illness, and “if it’s not you, it’s someone you care about”. It ends on a note encouraging the community to start a less stigmatizing conversation about mental illnesses which are similar to any other illness.

The campaign included:

  • A press conference to introduce the campaign and acknowledge Embrace Fund’s donors
  • A media-driven campaign (TV spot, TV shows, Radio shows)
  • Public information and activities to address stigma in the community
  • Community screening of anxiety and depression disorders, the highest prevalent mental illnesses in Lebanon.
  • Embrace Fund Art Exhibition

The campaign was sponsored by our gracious donors, Deloitte, Bjorg, Gandour, illy, Booz and co., Chronora and Express International.