Into the Dawn Walk (2018)
10 September, 2018

Annually, coinciding with World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) Embrace holds the “Into the Dawn” walk as a suicide memorial walk and advocacy initiative intended to foster an environment of support for those affected by suicide. The walk promotes a peaceful and calm vibe, starting out at dawn on a Sunday morning, and takes participants through a walking experience where they are invited to reflect on suicide within our community and share their messages of hope and items of keepsake around a wall at the end of the walk in the name of people we have lost to suicide.

This year’s walk was held on Sunday September 9 at 5:00 AM in Raouche, with flowers and a new wall concept as an additional feature to the experience. Annually, we are pleased to see more and more faces getting early in the morning to show support and understanding of mental health struggles and the consequence of suicide. This year, it was an honor to have the attendance of a political figure and Member of Parliament Mr. Elias Hankash, whose presence and influential role in the community helped propagate Embrace’s supportive and awareness messages to a wider audience.