Embrace’s Lifeline at the Befrienders Worldwide Conference
June, 2018

Embrace LifeLine has been granted membership in Befrienders Worldwide, a network of over 160 emotional support centres in over 29 countries. This represents a major milestone in the establishment and visibility of the helpline on a regional and global scale. Embrace

Co-founder and helpline supervisor at Embrace, Ms. Mia Atoui, participated in the regional conference held by Befrienders Worldwide in June 2018 in Lithuania entitled “Responding to the needs of people affected by suicide”. The conference presented an opportunity to discuss suicide prevention efforts and the work of helplines from all over the world. Ms. Atoui discussed this aspect from the Embrace Lifeline’s operations and perspective. Shared experiences from helplines which have been well established for years across different countries helped to further guide the work being done in Lebanon, and continue to strategize further efforts for Lebanon’s helpline in future.