Embrace the Trails
June 29, 2019

On June 29th, 230 hikers and supporters of our cause embraced the trails of Baskinta for a hike to Qanat Bakish where they gathered for dinner and a yoga session in the beautiful nature of Baskinta. Guided by Moon Monkeys’ leaders, hikers took the trails and discovered a breathtaking piece of Lebanon till they reached the base point at Qanat Bakish where food, refreshments and fun activities awaited them. Hikers were greeted by Embrace volunteers who handed them Rim water, fruits from Fayek, Juices from Maccaw, healthy snacks from Benlian, Croissants by 7 Days, and yummy healthy cakes from Low Cal Diets. Hikers chilled on hammocks set up by “Ticket to the moon” and as the sun set, they meditated, and connected with themselves and their surrounding in a most soothing session by Zey Yoga. Dinner was served alongside cozy bonfires set up for the hikers to gather around, connect, talk about mental health and enjoy being in nature. Music played by Redbull’s DJ filled up the background. When it comes to taking care of your mental health, EMBRACE THE TRAILS is an experience not to be missed!

 Thank you to all our sponsors who made this event possible: Moon Monkey Lebanon, Sports 4ever, Red Bull, Humans without Borders, Fayek, Liban Du Jus (Maccaw Juices), Benlian, Croissant 7 Days, Low Cal Diet, Ticket to the Moon, Zey Yoga and YOLO (You Only Live Once).