Embrace art exhibition 2013
01 October, 2013

Curated by Ara Azad, “Embrace Art Exhibition” is a yearly fundraising event which was launched for the first year in October 2013 accompanying the launching gala dinner of the Embrace Fund. It gathered together the work of artists including George Zouein, Fulvio Codsi, Nathalie Labaki, Melkan Bassil, Nadia Safieddine, Rita Adaimy, Hovig Afarian, Krikor Avessian, Ara Azad, Melkan Bassil, Gilbert Hage, Rim El Jundi,Maria Kassab, Ani Khatcherian, Semaan Khawam, Rafik Majzoub, Ziad Nahas, Rita Saade, Kabalan Samaha, and Feras-Amine.
The exhibition presented a broad selection of works from abstract to figurative and surrealistic art, showing how mental illnesses are perceived. This exhibition was part of the beginning of a long dialogue that is overdue in Lebanon and part of a healing process of a wounded country.

Reviews of Embrace Art Exhibition

“The exhibition has been conceived as a response to our ‘ill society, saturated with infirmities’, as painter Ara Azad describes it.”
-Time Out Beirut Magazine

“The walls concrete grey, the space vast, the works speaking volumes.. A grassroots art exhibition in the middle of Beirut without all the bells and whistles.. without the makeup and the heels.. without the champagne bottles and the deejays. Embrace art exhibition respectfully sets the stage for the viewer to have a deeper experience with the art in the space.”
-The Daily Star