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As an awareness support network, we need to break the silence around suicide and mental health.

There are so many ways that you can get involved. Here are some. If you have an idea, get in touch with the team at Embrace.

Raise awareness

One thing that we can all do, is break the silence around depression and suicide. Start the conversation. Talk to those around you. If you know someone suffering, refer them to the site or the Embrace LifeLine. Or simply send in a message of support on

Become an Embrace LifeLine Operator

Embrace LifeLine continuously needs volunteers to serve as helpline operators. All individuals who are interested in volunteering to become helpline operators at the National Suicide Prevention Helpline are invited to sign up for “Active Listening Skills” and “Suicide Risk Assessment and Crisis Intervention” training workshop to enhance their knowledge and skills in active listening, suicide risk assessment, and crisis intervention.

Embrace welcomes applications from individuals with various backgrounds, but preference will be given to those with a background and experience in mental health. Individuals who are selected for the training will be asked to commit to serve as a volunteer helpline operator for a minimum of one year. Volunteering shifts span for 3.5 hours. Each volunteer covers two shifts per week.

How to apply: Please email a copy of your CV, a copy of your ID/Passport, a recent copy of your Civil Record (within the last 3 months) and a statement of motivation to

Applicants must be above the age of 21. All applications will be screened for eligibility criteria.


Get in touch to know how you can volunteer to spread the programs, help with events or assist in fundraising. []

Donate or raise funds

Embrace funds awareness, outreach, education and research programs aimed at improving our understanding of suicide and ways to prevent it. Embrace will provide educational programs to increase awareness about suicide prevention, warning signs and the psychiatric illnesses that can lead to suicide.

All funding raised from our efforts, be it the ‘Into the Dawn’ walk, fundraising dinners or Embrace memorabilia, go to:

  • Sustaining the Embrace LifeLine
  • Funding scientific research
  • Promoting policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention
  • Providing programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss and people at risk
  • Strengthening the Lebanese public’s knowledge about mental illness and suicide prevention
  • Offering educational programs for professionals

How to donate to Embrace
To donate go to: Become a Donor 

How to sponsor our ‘Into the Dawn’ walk

Become a sponsor of our ‘Into the Dawn’ memorial walk for suicide prevention by contacting

Sponsors are needed to help fund the:

  • Memorial Wall
  • Candles
  • Breakfast refreshments & coffee
  • Posters
  • Bracelets
  • Embrace LifeLine

A special thank you to our donors and supporters

Our individual donors

We would like to thank our generous donors who contributed to the launching of Embrace LifeLine:
Mrs. Rose Antoine Choueiri
Mr. Marwan Gholmieh
Mr. Imad Gholmieh
Mrs. Jenny Khoury
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sandra Tarazi
Mr. Farid Khalil
Mrs. Mona Rasamny
Mrs. Carla Tayyar
Mrs. Sara Trad
Mr. Fawwaz Naboulsi
Mr. Pierre Issa
Mr. Joseph Aour
Mr. Wajih Bizri
Mr. Tony Freim
Mr. Nebil Fahed and Mrs. Hanine Abdalah
Mr. Malek El Khoury

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