As part of its effort in capacity building, and recruitment of human resources to man its emotional support and suicide prevention helpline, Embrace holds 3 annual trainings on “Active Listening and Intervention in Suicidal Crisis” during the year which are targeted at building the capacity of lay volunteers from the community to become operators on the Embrace lifeline.


The training is an intensive 40-hour program, in collaboration with the Department of Psychology at AUB, designed to equip future helpline operators with the necessary skills to manage calls received to the Embrace lifeline. The training content involves:

  • The discussion of suicide and mental health in general
  • Global and local overview of the topic and the process and procedures of being a Lifeline operator
  • Suicide helpline call process model focusing on building rapport and establishing a trusting, non-judgmental relationship with the caller, building hope, collaboratively assisting the caller in problem solving
  • Suicide risk assessment
  • Orientation to community services or mental health professionals when necessary

Embrace Lifeline trainings accommodate individuals seeking volunteering opportunities as operators at the Embrace Lifeline. The training is followed by an observation period supported by the Embrace Lifeline supervisor and senior operators through peer to peer guidance. The Embrace Lifeline aims to continuously recruit more community volunteers of diverse backgrounds and ages to expand our family.


For more information on how to become a lifeline volunteer, visit “Become a Lifeline Operator