Coffee Cup Awareness Campaign

On Feb 15, 2016 Embrace launched the first coffee cup awareness campaign in Lebanon, targeting university students and the local community in Hamra, Beirut. 20,000 cups holding the awareness messages of the #fekkoel3e2de campaign were distributed to over 32 vendors on Bliss Street and Hamra area. The campaign aimed to be a conversation starter in our local community about mental illness and the importance of breaking the stigma.

Soon enough the cups were running out of Coffee shops and popping up all around campus. An evaluation survey on a sample of 200 AUB students revealed that the campaign was able to reach 34% of its target audience. Over 42% of those who saw the campaign spoke to at least one friend about it. Over 73% felt that the campaign said something important to them. The campaign was featured on the Lebanese channel OTV. Click here to watch: 

Thank you to our sponsor Brand Ink, the first coffee cup advertising agency in Lebanon, for making this happen.