The Embrace Lifeline in Times of Crisis
November 2019

In the months that followed October 17, 2019 Lebanon witnessed difficult times and unstable social and economic conditions. In light of these circumstances, and in the midst of the Lebanon Protests, the Embrace Lifeline witnessed two weeks with a sudden spike in the number of calls after the media reported consecutive cases of death to suicide within Lebanon. The country was collectively talking about suicide and sharing the number 1564 encouraging people to reach out for help. For two weeks after December 4th, the Embrace Lifeline received over 150 calls a day, compared to the previous average of 7 calls a day.

Additionally, to increase awareness about the availability of the Embrace Lifeline to all citizens, PROMOMEDIA sponsored Embrace to run a billboard campaign with the message, “During these difficult times, We are here to listen. 1564. The national emotional support and suicide prevention helpline in Lebanon” in Arabic.